Vues de dos. Le monde à travers des miroirs rétroviseurs


Abstract: To what extent a study on the enticing and self-destructive text is topical, the more so as the rhetoric of seduction makes use of instruments recycled from the victor’s logics? My undertaking is to catch the image of alterity in literature and photography, starting from Vues de dos by Michel Tournier and Edouard Boubat. The seductive image is in turn a mask, a fetish, a symbol. The renunciation to any complexes is synonymous to disinhibation. The vulgarity of the body is out of question. Seduction is strategic and gradual: nothing is promiscuous or deceitful. The image seduces to the same extent as the word fascinates.

Keywords: séduction, photographie, théorie littéraire, Michel Tournier, Edouard Boubat