The Crisis of Culture in the Hispanic Space


Abstract: The three essays analysed here depart from the same crisis of ‘high culture’. They are the expression of the dynamics exerted by the Latin‐American literary field in the era of globalization, where the tensions specific to the field – the struggle for success, intergenerational conflict, preservation of artistic autonomy – are added to the external ones created by the field of power that withholds the instruments of circulation and consolidation of the works. Mario Vargas Llosa’s book, La civilización del espectáculo (The Civilization of the Spectacle, 2012), is a manifest for the defence of ‘high culture’, as it was perceived in other times (specifically, in the 60s of the 20th century); Daniel Tabarovsky’s essay, La literature de izquierda (Leftist Literature, 2010), highlights the paradoxes of a post‐Avant‐garde literature; finally, Roberto Bolaño’s essays, included in El gaucho insufrible (The Insufferable Gaucho, 2003), signal the aporia where one can find both ‘high’ and ‘massified culture’ at the beginning of the 21st century.

Keywords: Boom generation, identity, magic realism, democratization of culture, civilization of the spectacle, leftist literature, cosmopolitism