Roger Munier: poésie de la présence et mystique de l’absence


Abstract: Lecturer of Heidegger since the 40s and translator of the Lettre sur l’humanisme (Letter on Humanism, 1953), Roger Munier is very early interpellated by the question regarding presence (Anwesenheit) raised by Heidegger in his Sein und Zeit (Being and Time) (§ 6). The research for a pure coincidence with the instant (Augenblick) donated by the phenomenon leads him to the paradox of a writing which, in order to speak the presence of phenomena, must tend toward silence. Starting with The Only (Le Seul) he embarks upon a work made up of fragments or “instants”, which gather together the homage to Cioran since 1970, and also the meditations on presence and absence. The notes on the instants of presence go hand in hand with an interrogation underlying the phenomenon and also its fugitive presence. The phenomenological approach and the interrogation on the ek°static character of this disappearing presence led Roger Munier to pursue a meditation on abysmal presence, on the founding Nothingness. Marked by his reading from Meister Eckhart, his poetical oeuvre tends toward a mysticism of the Absence. However, how may the poetic language speak up the presence without altering it and also how to express an Absence? These are major questions his oeuvre raises.

Keywords: Roger Munier, présence, absence, mystique, phénoménologie