Pour une histoire de la mémoire littéraire


Abstract: The most difficult question regarding the historical articulation of literary memory is how to integrate into history a subject matter of the literary which was evicted mainly to let history emerge. A history of literary memory should restore the functioning of an institution and reestablish the social “necessity’ which calls for the imitation of forms. It is a reversed procedure compared to the one applied in literary studies. In general, it means the admiration of an accentuated personality for a masterpiece. Thibaudet establishes in his History a canvass of admiring relations always connected to the pinnacles, from Balzac to Napoleon. However, considered as an institutional reality, memory circumscribes the admiration of the multitude, a network which catches in its knots the anonymous. In other words, it involves the identification of a social issue.

Keywords: Judith Schlanger, « la mémoire de oeuvres », Marc Fumaroli, Harold Bloom, « unité du mémorable »