Literary Postures in Romanian Diaries Published between 1965 and 1989


Abstract: Many recent studies on Romanian post‑war literature (published before 1989) prove that the literary practice of that period can hardly be isolated from its social context. This dependency is visible and goes both ways, with literature taking part in the process of studying the sociological characteristics of that era. What I intend to do is to analyze the way this complex relationship between literature and its social environment is put into play in two diaries published in communist Romania: Eugen Barbu’s and Maria Banuș’s. Therefore, using Jérôme Meizoz’s theory on literary postures, as well as studies penned by Peter L. Berger, Thomas Luckmann and Dan Lungu, I will emphasize the postures which Barbu and Banuș build through their diaries and I will discuss the way they manage their identity strategies in the society in which they live and publish.

Keywords: autobiographical pact, communism, Romania, postures, society, diary, Eugen Barbu, Maria Banuș