L’extension du domaine de la vie littéraire


Abstract: During the last years, the Romanian criticism has witnessed a takeoff of the approaches focusing on ‘literary life’. Granted by the Romanian Academy and coordinated by Eugen Simion, suchlike enterprise proves to be the Chronology of Romanian literary life, which aims to cover the period between 1944 and 1964 through an exclusively ideological cut of literary ages. Recently (starting with 2010), this project brought forth its first fruits. Besides, to this integrative endeavour one has to add as well a whole series of fresh monographic studies that actually rely on various resources of literary life (issues such as ‘posture’, the dynamics of literary communities, literary provincialism etc). The diversity of themes and terrains that late historiographic accounts (based on literary life research) take hold may seem a bit dazzling. If, little time beforehand, such a historiographic undertaking was nothing less but a sum of positive information on a few contexts regarding the creator’s biography, the last decade groundwork gave way not only to an explosion of research opportunities, but also to a systematic extension of literary life terrain as such. By successive discharges of the positivist frame of mind, the latter‑day inquiry of literary life comprises issues that are specific to literary sociability, to ‘life in common’, to authorship setting, to artist media fictionalization, a.s.o. What we put forward in the present study is the idea of mapping the concentric circles of new appended theories, and this, by judging their ‘remoteness’ from strictly positive information. Even though, at the moment, within the Romanian literature there is no history of literary life by definition, a sort of definition is necessary before anything gets done; we assume that mapping is required both as a record of actual possibilities, as well as a virtual regulation and systematization of the relevant fields for such a type of reflection.

Keywords: vie littéraire, fictions de la «vie littéraire», posture, théories de la communauté, cercle littéraire «Sburătorul»