Les épreuves de l’errance chez Blaise Cendrars et chez Benjamin Fondane


Abstract: Wandering as a literary motif means inter alia to pass a series of tests, i.e. to cope with difficulties, with conflicts meant to stress the courage or the strength of authors who chose to illustrate this theme in their work, like Blaise Cendrars and Benjamin Fondane did. Often tinged with sorrow and pain, a test also involves physical or moral struggle, which has an impact upon the writers already hard tried, confronted with evil and misfortune throughout their wonderings. We could discover a possible definition of the word “test” given by Blaise Cendrars in a conference about Shestov, entitled “A New Face of God. Leon Shestov – Russian Mystic” and presented in Buenos Aires on September 12, 1929. In what concerns him, Fondane returns to the primary sources of human thought, as “this impossible philosophy” and this painful experiment, this research, may be very well called God by Shestov. Thus Fondane requires that metaphysics should take new directions and do the impossible, despite all the risks involved.