Le mirage du cours encyclopédique versus la réalité de la liste bibliographique


Abstract: Starting from the assumption that the institution of college is a landmark of the European ethos, the article offers a historical overview of the changes underwent in the status of the academic course and emphasizes the way in which the decline of the encyclopaedic spirit gradually debunks the myth of the general course as a comprehensive, all-encompassing image of a given discipline. The downfall of the general course leads to the ascent of the optional course, which only purports to deal with a clearly delineated aspect of a discipline, as highlighted by a very limited list of recommended readings. The author explores the way in which the analytical approach behind the limited list of readings actually intertwines with the encyclopaedic drive towards synthesis underlying the general course.

Keywords: anthologie, cours général et obligatoire, dictionnaire des concepts, courant, la structure de l’oeuvre littéraire, le réalisme socialiste, la rhétorique de la propagande officielle, la littérature à tendance