Le concept d’historicité dans l’histoire littéraire


Abstract: In order to understand the valences the word “historicity” receives in the field of literary history one has to analyse the historical conditions of the literary. In a kaleidoscopic way, the debates bring forth how varied the understanding of the concept has been: we can identify a literary historicity (of the work, of the literary system) divided into an intrinsic historicity (themes, forms, procedures) and an extrinsic historicity (the cultural, social, economic, ideological, political context), a historicity of production/reception, a history of the book as object, as well as a historicity of the historiographical act.

Keywords: l’historicité, la littérarité, historicité intrinsèque/extrinsèque, historicité de la production/réception, historicité de l’objet « livre »