La théorie sur l’anti‑modernité et la réécriture de l’histoire littéraire


Abstract: In our paper, we aim to capture the shifts occurred in literary history, following a series of amendments made lately to the concept of modern: namely, the renunciation at its progressive deterministic perspective. More specifically, we intend, first, to present these changes ways of doing literary history, starting from one of Antoine Compagnon’s studies, Cinq paradoxes de la modernité. Then, from a comparative perspective, we examine Vladimir Streinu’s suggestions on a different history of literature, able to capture exactly the dilemmatic territories wherein the later “classic” appears, in the first phase, as “modern” and “revolutionary”. At the end of our paper, in order to capture a series of paradoxes that usually escaped traditional literary history, we shall refer to the reception of Mihai Eminescu by Al. Macedonski.

Keywords: moderne, antimoderne, réécrire l´histoire littéraire, théorie de la réception, histoires de la modernité, Antoine Compagnon