La Société d’Études Benjamin Fondane


Abstract: The SEBF was created in 1993, as a tribute to Benjamin Fondane and his exemplary creative itinerary. Gifted poet, thoughtful critic of contemporary European thought and of the contribution of Judaism in Western civilization, Fondane’s work confronts in most relevant ways the moral dilemma of our age. The SEBF initiated also an international forum of research by enabling an extensive reflection on the various aspects of his rich work, a critical appraisal and publication of all his texts. Each summer, SEBF organizes an international seminar, Rencontres de Peyresq, in a picturesque village of the Alpes de Haute-Provence, where “fondaniens” from all over the world present their studies, projects of research and analyse the diversity of Fondane’s artistic expression. Most of the communications are published in the SEBF review, “Cahiers Benjamin Fondane”, along with Fondane’s unpublished texts, translations, correspondence, comparative studies etc.