Kierkegaard le pauvre : Fondane, Bespaloff, Wahl et la querelle de l’existentialisme


Abstract: An article published by Benjamin Fondane in 1935 in “Cahiers du Sud” launched a dispute with and a dissociation from Jean Wahl – considered as the most important French interpreter of Kierkegaard’s thinking – but not a real debate. Two other authors envisaged by Fondane’s article are Rachel Bespaloff and Denis de Rougemont. Fondane reproaches Wahl with not reliving Kierkegaard’s “personal drama” when attempting an “objective” exegesis of his philosophy, Rachel Bespaloff with reducing Kierkegaard’s philosophy to this “personal drama” and Denis de Rougemont with reducing it to its relationship with Christianity. The conclusion drawn from the analyses of the texts and of their respective contexts is that this dispute, although passionate and intense, has given us a plural Kierkegaard, a plural singularity.