Globalization and New Instances of Strangeness


Abstract: Globalization significantly alters the individual’s perception of the world by erasing borders, overlapping spaces and inducing a constant need for movement. In this context, notions like home, center, identity, otherness or estrangement are deconstructed in the process of creating a new paradigm of existence. Therefore, globalization introduces a new type of individual, characterized by a constant need for movement between spaces. The negative attributes of deracination become necessary for coping with the changes of the world as such. Literature, as an expression of how we relate to the world, bears the signs of this mutation in advancing a new type of character, situated at the center of the global discourse. In this paper, I will tackle this issue by analyzing two works which exemplify this new type of character: Lunetistul [The Sniper] by Marin Mălaicu‑Hondrari and The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid.

Keywords: literature, globalization, identity, conflict, strangeness