Eléments de théorie de la lecture chez Roland Barthes


Abstract: Matei Călinescu emphasizes the crucial role Roland Barthes conferred on “rereading” in his last works, interpreting his interest in a new problematic as an alternative by means of which Barthes intended to overcome the deadlock reached by “orthodox structuralism”. Starting from this interpretation, this paper resumes some ideas and concepts from these works and suggests that the topic of reading and the reader represented for the last Barthes a half-avowed comeback to the subject and the subjectivity abhorred by “the ideology of structuralism” (Thomas Pavel), including his own subjectivity, a theoretical and existential compromise between what Murray Krieger called the “persona” of the literary critic, in opposition to the critic’s deep “personal” identity.

Keywords: Roland Barthes, relecture, Thomas Pavel, poststructuralisme, subjectivité