D’une présence nue: «la présence comme Dehors». Une lecture de Celui qui ne m’accompagnait pas, de Maurice Blanchot


Abstract: He who does not accompany me, by Maurice Blanchot startles the reader by the failed act of presence he tries to stage through textual deviation strategies. Deprived of the real presence of the intelocutor he persistently tries to address, the narrator finds himself confronted not with his absence but rather with a form of fictional presence Blanchot calls „Dehors” (Outside). This notion, theorised in his critical essays made me wonder, on one side, which the nature of this presence is, and on the other, to what extent Blanchot’s theoretical notions can work as analytical tools for his own fictions.

Keywords: dehors, immédiat, neutre, écriture, interlocuteur, intervalle