Die Methoden der Begriffsgeschichte und der Alltagsgeschichte aus der Perspektive ihrer Anwendbarkeit in der Literaturgeschichte


Abstract: As proven by the great number of cultural turns which took place over the last decades, the discoveries and breakthroughs made in a particular field of research can be successfully capitalised in revitalising other disciplines. Given the affinities between general history and literary history, it is only natural to wonder how the first can stimulate the renewal of the latter. Starting with a brief description of two German historiographical orientations, namely Begriffsgeschichte (conceptual history) and Alltagsgeschichte (the history of everyday life), the article looks at the possibility and expediency of applying to literary history their instruments and their particular way of understanding history.

Keywords: historiographischen Methoden, Begriffsgeschichte, Alltagsgeschichte, Literaturgeschichte, Interdisziplinarität