De la raison à la poésie


Abstract: The goal of this paper is to question, based on Fondane’s work, the limits of the formalism of the logical reason to bring into light the position of existence of the self rehabilitated as a living existent. To approach this question of the border between logical reason and existence, I chose to concentrate on the poem L’ExodeSuper flumina Babylonis where the liturgical dimension is relevant from a material and formal viewpoint. In proceeding to this analysis, I emphasised three aspects: 1) I began by specifying that Fondane’s poetics is highly connected with a philosophical attitude concerning the problem of the source of the truth; 2) I then showed the existential function of the poem, because the poem is the occasion of the existential attestation of the self; 3) lastly, I highlighted the technical specificities of some literary procedures of the poem L’Exode to show how the liturgical text is able to inspire formally a poetical writing