Call for papers

Keeping in line with the previous issue about French cultural influences in Romania, the next issue of Euresis is dedicated to the German influence.

The German Model
in Romanian Culture

If the French Model is integral to modern Romanian cultural history, the German Model is the most important alternative to it. At certain times and in certain regions, it has even been the primary model. The importance of German poets and especially German philosophers of the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries for Romanian intellectual discourse is undeniable and deserves a more thorough analysis. In addition, we encourage authors to submit papers on the theory of cultural influence in general, what it means to be influenced by, how external cultural patterns cross borders (imaginary or not) and are established and adapted, or whether the concept of “cultural influence” might itself need redefining.

Book reviews pertaining to the subject are especially welcome.


All papers must be sent to euresisjournal (at) gmail (dot) com by September 10th 2021. We accept submissions in French, English and German.

Possible areas
of interest
  • Școala Ardeleană and the German Enlightenment
  • the influence of German romanticism on Romanian literature
  • Junimea and the import of nineteenth century German ideas
  • German expressionism in Romanian poetry
  • relationship between German and Romanian avantgarde movements
  • Mitteleuropa nostalgia in interwar Romania
  • Lebensphilosophie and “the generation of ’27” (Eliade, Cioran, Noica)
  • the literature of the Holocaust and the Gulag
  • Aktionsgruppe Banat and Herta Müller 
  • The literature of the German minority in Romania in the ’80s and beyond