B. Fundoianu – entre Ulysse et Orphée


Abstract: Three early poems of B. Fundoianu (Ulysses, The Sirens, Ulysses’ Galley), all written in the same year (1914) are the starting point of this essay. Variations on the same famous Homeric episode where Ulysses is confronted with the dangerous magic that is the song of the Sirens, these poems provide evidence of the poet’s early manifested fascination for the Greek hero. But they also convey, by the depiction of the attraction towards the miraculous song of the depths, the beginnings of that insolvable conflict later on referred to as “the experience of the abyss”. The analysis emphasises on the conditions that allowed this possibility to develop, on the internal logic and the stages of this spectacular poetic metamorphosis that took place later on: Fundoianu’s Ulysses will become the heir of the Sirens’ song, a new Orpheus.