Animal Studies Facing Literary Theory (and Practice)


Abstract: This study aims to test the validity of a rather extravagant and innovative conceptual‑methodological frame, usually known, in Western culture, as “critical animal studies.” Obviously, risky as it is, such an attempt cannot overlook cross‑disciplinary approaches (conducted under labels such as bioethics, zoography, posthumanism, etc.), because the fictional treatments of animal worlds relate to larger philosophical, historical or cultural issues. Moreover—in the literary field—this endeavor involves a critical reevaluation of older theoretical categories (e.g., the “ fantastic”, the “marvellous”, “fantasy”), as I attempt to prove by analyzing George Bălăiţă’s novel, Lumea în două zile [The World in Two Days].

Keywords: animal studies, posthumanism, non‑human, the fantastic, displacement, deterritorialization