Euresis is a peer-reviewed multilingual academic journal that publishes papers in literary and cultural studies. It has been in publication since 1973, when it was founded as Cahiers roumains d’études littéraires (CREL). Its first editor was Adrian Marino, comparatist and historian of literary ideas. The journal was published quarterly and distributed worldwide, garnering favourable reviews. In 1990, literary critic and theorist Mircea Martin becomes the new editor of CREL. The journal’s name changes twice, first to EURESIS: Cahiers roumains d’études littéraires and then to EURESIS: Cahiers roumains d’études littéraires et culturelles. Euresis is currently published with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) and under the aegis of ALGCR (the Romanian Association of General and Comparative Literature) in a single annual issue.

The journal has secured contributions from leading intellectuals the likes of Jean Rousset, Jean Starobinski, Jacques Derrida, Gianni Vattimo, Linda Hutcheon, Wolfgang Iser, J. Hillis Miller, Georges Vigarello, Jean-Marie Schaeffer and Mihály Szegedy-Maszák. It has also featured papers from prominent Romanian intellectuals conducting their research at home (Paul Cornea, Romul Munteanu, Ioana Em. Petrescu, etc.) or abroad (Matei Călinescu, Virgil Nemoianu, Thomas Pavel, Marcel Corniş-Pop, etc.). The Archive section of this site is continuously expanding, aiming to offer online access to as many of the previous issues as can be retrieved.

Founding Editor

[Adrian Marino]


Mircea Martin, Professor Emeritus (editor-in-chief)
Ruxandra Câmpeanu, PhD (copy editor)
Iulian Bocai, PhD (copy editor)

Georges Banu (Paris)
Marcel Corniş-Pope (Richmond)
David Damrosch (Cambridge, MA)
Jaap Lintvelt (Groningen)
[J. Hillis Miller] (Irvine)
Christian Moraru (Greensboro)
Virgil Nemoianu (Washington, DC)
Thomas Pavel (Chicago)
Jean-Marie Schaeffer (Paris)
[Jean Starobinski] (Geneva)

NATIONAL Advisory Board
Acad. Mircea Flonta
Acad. Eugen Simion
Acad. Răzvan Theodorescu
Ștefan Borbély
Mihaela Irimia
Ioan Pânzaru